How to choose a roofing contractor:


Do you have a current roofing contractor's license issued by the State of California and a current city license (where applicable)?


Do you have a start and completion date ?


Do you have both Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance?


Can you provide me with a written contract with payment instructions and total price?


Can you provide me with a list of former customers?


Will you obtain the required re-roofing permit ?


Will you furnish me your own written guarantee?


Will you furnish me a manufacturer’s warranty?


Please call the roofing specialist at: (619) 667-4565 to discuss our answers to these questions.

Premier Roofing CA, Inc.
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- Commercial & Industrial
- Multi-Unit
- Public Works
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- Military
- Special Projects:
- 1st School in San Diego
- San Diego Museum of Art
- Copper Wire Roof
- Skylights